Zita speaks English with an international, worldly accent. Growing up in both Germany and Hungary, she is a native German and Hungarian speaker, and can perform a range of soft and hard European accents. She has honed her voice-skills over years of professional performance work, and is therefore a remarkably versatile voice actor. Her naturally smooth, friendly and believable voice can vary from a young, conversational, girl-next-door tone to a sophisticated, refined and velvety one. She can perform with equal authenticity in a professional and confident tone.

Zita is based in London. She also works from her professionally equipped home studio and can deliver a high quality sound file quickly.

For voiceover enquiries please contact Zita here


Commercial demo (ENG)

English advert 1 (soft sell)

English advert 2 (hard sell)

English advert 3 (soft sell)

English advert 4 (Eastern-European accent)

English-German-Hungarian IVR

German advert

German e-learning

German river cruise explainer

Hungarian explainer

Hungarian language museum guide

All professional reels produced by Guy Michaels, for demo purposes only.